Concrete waterproofing

The choice of membrane is very important!

Béton Samson uses a range of quality specialized products to make concrete waterproof and protect it against water, humidity and mold.

Making concrete waterproof helps prevent water infiltration that may occur.

If you want to prevent the deterioration of materials in your basement as well as the appearance of mold? Waterproofing your foundation will partially prevent the water and moisture in the soil from entering the basement. This will prevent the degradation of materials and the formation of mold, harmful to health (allergies and pulmonary diseases).

Even if you have not experienced any major problems with humidity in your basement so far, they could one day occur. Indeed, the concrete of the slab, porous, favors an infiltration of water by capillarity which could reach the interior of the house. This gesture could therefore avoid many problems in the future.

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