Water basin repair

Repair of drinking water basins

Durable repair of damaged concrete Potable water often has a damaging effect on the fabric of storage structures. The mineral content of the water can be particularly critical. Very soft water, i.e. water low in minerals, attacks unprotected concrete like a solvent.

Béton Samson has specialized equipment for repairing concrete water basins.

Béton Samson uses NSF 61 certified products to repair cracks in drinking water basins. Your health is important to us.

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water basin

Repair of wastewater basins

Béton Samson has specialized equipment for repairing wastewater tanks. Our team has a lot of experience in this type of repair.

Béton Samson uses products that meet standards to repair cracks and plugging in concrete.

We have a team specializing in pool repairs of all kinds.

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