Concrete slab repair

Concrete sidewalk

If the paving stone of your sidewalk or porch is brittle and spread over its entire surface, it is best to hire a company that specializes in finishing concrete. First remove the concrete and then prepare the ground (compaction, crushed, reinforcement, etc.).

Then we put concrete that can be colored at the customer’s choice. For commercial sidewalks, we also add nylon fiber inside the concrete for greater strength.

Over the years, an unmaintained concrete slab has suffered significant deterioration, in particular due to the infiltration of de-icing salts. This corrosion causes the steel to swell until the concrete deteriorates.

In addition to degrading, the slab quickly loses its resistance characteristics, thus compromising user safety. As soon as the first signs of deterioration appear (dusty concrete, rust line, calcium stains), it is best to intervene.

When the damage becomes apparent, especially when the concrete reveals rusty reinforcing steel, the deterioration process is already advanced and repair costs increase rapidly.

When the symptoms become very apparent, such as broken concrete revealing the reinforcement, the deterioration process is unfortunately already advanced. Stains of calcium or efflorescence (white spot) or rust on concrete are already indicators of the need for intervention.

In order to reduce the repair costs of your concrete structure Béton Samson can do prevention on your structure to assess the extent of corrosion and delamination. Minor intervention at this stage can slow the deterioration process.

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