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24 hour emergency crack service available

Over the years, an unmaintained concrete slab has suffered significant deterioration, in particular due to the infiltration of de-icing salts. This corrosion causes the steel to swell until the concrete deteriorates.

In addition to degrading, the slab quickly loses its resistance characteristics, thus compromising user safety. As soon as the first signs of deterioration appear (dusty concrete, rust line, calcium stains), it is best to intervene.

When the damage becomes apparent, especially when the concrete reveals rusty reinforcing steel, the deterioration process is already advanced and repair costs increase rapidly.

As concrete specialists, we are familiar with concrete structures and have all the equipment required to break and demolish concrete constructions.

The concrete is then recycled by other companies and used elsewhere as an aggregate in another project.

Our specialists can help you with all your projects, even the most delicate.

We carry out several types of manual or mechanized breaking. We make breaks where the machines cannot access it, whether it is condo premises in the basement or a basement that is too small in height.

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